Voorhees College is poised to open a new Veterans Resource Center (VRC) in early 2019. The VRC is a dedicated office specifically designed and tailored by the school that will manage and maintain GI Bill educational benefits for Veterans and dependents. The VRC will oversee all matters related to dependent education, benefits process, payments, records audits, and serves as the point of contact for all Veterans Affairs inspections at the college.  Additionally, the VRC is responsible for the training of School Certifying Officials, certifying GI Bill educational benefit recipients, monitoring VA payments to students and the college, manages VA students tutoring and work-study programs. 

VRC Vision – To establish a “military-friendly” education support program that assist veterans, service members and their families with the transition from military service into a positive academic community in pursuit of professional and personal development by connecting students to expert support services and tools to enhance academic and professional success at Voorhees College.

VRC Mission – To establish and sustain a nationally recognized comprehensive “military-friendly” education support program involving application, admission, matriculation, graduation and professional placement that successfully attracts military veterans, service members, dependents and survivors to pursue their academic and professional development interests and goals at Voorhees College.

The Voorhees College Veterans Resource Center and the office of the newly selected Veterans Resource Center Director are both located in Bedford Hall.

The Purpose of the Voorhees College Student Veterans Association (SVA)

 (1) provide a network of support to military veterans, their families and civilian supporters;  

(2) educate the community about the experiences of military veterans and work with the college administration to meet the needs of student veterans and prospective student veterans; and,  

(3) cultivate student veterans concerns through scheduled meetings, advocacy, social and recreational activities; and finally, to foster esprit de corps among student veterans and promote an understanding of student veterans issues

Transferring Benefits to Voorhees From a Previous School

Students who used educational benefits at another institution prior to enrolling at Voorhees College, please complete and submit the following 22-1995 form.

Download Form

Request for Certification for Future Semesters

Veterans Affairs students requesting to be certified for any upcoming semesters should complete the Request for Veterans Affairs benefits consent form and submit. 

The request for VA benefits form for consent can be found by clicking on the following link:

Download Form

Resources for Veterans

Official VA Website

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Applying for Education

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E-Benefits Recipient?

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GI Bill

Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty (MGIB-AD)

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M28-1 Vocational Rehabilitation and Counseling Procedures

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Post-9/11 GI Bill

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Dependents Education Assistance Program

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Montgomery GI Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR)

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Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP)

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National Guard Education Office

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GI Bill Comparison Tool

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