The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE), formally the Writing Center, is housed in Wilkinson Building. The ACE resulted from the merging of the Writing Center and the Academic Success Center into a single, comprehensive supplemental instruction program. The ACE is designed to provide 21st Century engagement for students based on direct supplemental instruction and interaction with faculty in identified courses, rather than the usual model which relies on students to self-identify and find their way to the centers.

Supplemental instruction (SI) has become a core component in student success at many higher education institutions over the world. Thus, the Voorhees College ACE will provide regularly scheduled review sessions on course materials outside the classroom that directly reflect and are related to the courses in which students have enrolled.

The ACE SI program will target traditionally difficult courses, including, but not limited to, all 100-level and 200-level English and mathematics courses as they are deemed the gateway courses to student success. 

The ACE services will be offered to all students in a targeted course, individuals who are referred to the Center, and those who seek peer tutoring on their own.  If students request general tutoring and assistance on graduate applications and essays, those services will be provided as well. The ACE will operate based on a non-remedial approach to learning as the program targets high-risk courses rather than high-risk students. 

Features of the ACE include: 

  • Operational hours that optimize student engagement beyond traditional hours when most Millennial, Generation Y, and Generation Z students are prone to study.
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) delivered by peer tutors, faculty facilitators, and online support programs. 
  • Academic Success Series, a series of academic support strategies through face-to-face sessions, short webinars, and individual and small group meetings (e.g. How to Study for College Courses; How to Maximize Notetaking; Effective College Reading, and others)
  • Living and Learning Tutorials based on Supplemental Instruction and Academic Success Series established in each residence hall
  • Off-Campus Instructional Site support to include: Academic Success Series, face-to-face sessions, short webinars, and individual and small group meetings

The ACE makes use of the following to assist students in their college success:

  • Learning Express from the LibGuides in study sessions
  • Criterion Software for Writing
  • MyFoundations software enhancement modules
  • Khan Academy accounts
  • Writing Camps
  • “My Learning Style Assessment” links
  • Seminars on various writing styles
  • Specialized computer-assisted instruction to assess and improve academic skills in reading, spelling, grammar, writing, vocabulary, mathematics, and study skills.
  • Individualized computer-aided instruction and supplemental instructional modules in basic skills and other selected courses.

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