Inasmuch as knowledge and learning are acquired in both the formal classroom setting and beyond, the Division of Academic Affairs provides educational support units to engage students in co- curricular and extra-curricular programs and experiential activities. In an effort to achieve Academic Excellence and Distinction, the Division of Academic Affairs has five (5) academic foci to include:

Academic Support Programs encourages and guides students in the development of learning skills and personal management strategies that lead to earning a Voorhees College degree.

All Voorhees College students are offered a comprehensive range of classes, services, and programs based on a variety of student needs and learning preferences, including tutoring, collaborative learning through Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions, mentoring, workshop instruction, and academic counseling.

The comprehensive program launch is designed to develop and offer co-curricular and experiential learning activities that will strengthen the preparation of our students for their chosen career fields, maximize their potential for success through increased opportunities, develop the faculty, maximize curricular, co-curricular, and experiential student engagement, locally, nationally, and internationally. 

First Year Experience Program

The First Year Experience Program seeks to re-imagine college life for students in the first year of college at Voorhees.

Experiential Learning and Community Engagement

Experiential Learning and Community Engagement is anchored in the biblical reference proclaimed by our Founder, Elizabeth Evelyn Wright: Ebenezer, the Stone of Help, through Service Learning students are systemically immersed in the culture of helping through volunteerism, community service, experiential engagement, and guided career pathways.

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Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research seeks to offer opportunities for faculty to broaden their perspectives on teaching and learning and apply strategies grounded in research to optimize student learning. The CTLR provides opportunities for faculty to evolve their teaching practice in ways that enhance student learning.

Office of International Programs

International Programs provides a comprehensive platform for global engagement for students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, and community members. Ultimately, the Office of International Programs serves as a clearinghouse for International Services at Voorhees College and the home to cutting-edge international initiatives, including (but not limited to): Study Abroad Programs, International Internship Programs, International and English Language Programs, and International Services. The Office of International Programs is Voorhees College’s primary resource for undergraduates and alumni seeking to engage in experiential and virtual international experiences. Further, the Office of International Programs will work closely with the Office of Admissions to recruit additional international students who will find that one of their best educational opportunities lies within the confines of studying at an HBCU in the United States. Finally, the Office of International Programs serves as a platform and catalyst for resources and the creation of discussion spaces on a wide range of critical international topics (e.g., immigration reform, financial matters, cultural, social, and political commonalities and differences, business, development, law and diplomacy).

The Center for Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning

The Center for Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning comprises Distance Learning, Off- Campus Instructional Sites, and Evening and Weekend programs. The programs primarily include working, adult learners, who have some college credits and wish to complete the bachelor’s degree for career enhancement, employment advancement, and personal edification. The Voorhees College Center for Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning seeks to provide a roadmap for the bachelor’s degree completion of adult learners, thus empowering them to engage in the exponential responsibility of “Changing minds. Changing lives” in their given professions.

Additional Educational Support units include the following:
Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) Provides 21st Century engagement for students based on direct supplemental instruction and interaction with faculty in identified courses. The ACE also provides regularly scheduled review sessions on course materials outside the classroom that directly reflect and are related to the courses students have enrolled in.

Features of the ACE include:
• Operational hours that optimize student engagement beyond traditional 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. when most Millennial, Generation Y, and Generation Z students are prone to study.
• Supplemental Instruction (SI) delivered by peer tutors, faculty facilitators, and online support programs.
• Academic Success Series, a series of academic support strategies through face-to-face sessions, short webinars, and individual and small group meetings (e.g. How to Study for College Courses; How to Maximize Notetaking; Effective College Reading, and others)
• Living and Learning Tutorials based on Supplemental Instruction and Academic Success Series established in each residence hall
• Off-Campus Instructional Site support to include: Academic Success Series, face-to-face sessions, short webinars, and individual and small group meetings.

Career Pathways Initiative

The Career Pathways Initiative strengthens institutional career placement outcomes by increasing the number of undergraduates who immediately transition to meaningful jobs in their chosen fields.

Student Support Services

The Student Support Services Program is designed for first-generation or low-income students or those with disabilities to assist participants earn a college education.

Online Degree Programs

Your Pathway to Success Starts Right Where You Are!

With Voorhees College online degree programs, it doesn’t matter if you are at the beginning of your college journey, transferring to complete your degree, or desire to acquire additional professional training, you can BEGIN the steps toward realizing your academic and career goals from wherever you are!

Whether it be your home, your favorite coffee shop, the library, or an office, our classes are available wherever you can connect to the internet. We are excited to be able to offer our Bachelors’ Degree in Business Administration with a General Business or Finance concentration completely online in order to provide you with ease of access to diverse learning which is characterized by a sense of control, self-direction, and goal-focused motivation, to obtain the credits needed to complete your degree!

Courses in the online degree program will be offered at an accelerated pace and will be scheduled to maximize convenience. In addition to prior college credit, alternative sources of credit may be considered to include credit for experiential learning, military training, sponsored professional training, advanced placement, national testing programs, and national credit recommendations.

Off-Campus Instructional Sites + Evening and Weekend Programs

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